Our History

Delta Film Topper

After over a decade of having her drama students inquire about becoming Hollywood film stars, Paige Hansen tapped in to her industry connections and implemented the Delta Film Academy. The goal was simple: connect the gap between high school education and the film industry by offering students a place to gain film relevant skills and knowledge. Since 2010 students have had the opportunity to enroll in a specialized Film Acting Academy where they learn to not only perfect their on-screen presence, but also how to break into the industry. In 2012 the Film Production Academy was added providing an opportunity to learn behind the scenes elements ranging from camera work, sound, and lighting to editing and visual effects. Now almost 12 years in the running, industry professionals and a star studded list of special guests continue to successfully equip students for a seamless transition into the film industry.

Paige Hansen, founder of the Delta Film Academy.

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