Delta Film Topper

Jennifer Harbott – Teacher Coordinator for the Delta Film Academy

Jennifer earned her teaching degree in 2013 and has come equipped with the enthusiasm, patience, and savvy required to lead our eclectic group of instructors and students at the Delta Film Academy. No stranger to performance herself (with a BFA in Theatre from SFU) Jennifer understands the needs and demands of a creative industry. We couldn’t be happier to have Jennifer guiding the way and creatively implementing space for the Academy to flourish and grow.




Garnet Campbell – Instructor for Film Production

With more than 15 years of hands-on experience in media production, Garnet Campbell is highly equipped to teach students tangible and relevant film production skills. As an independent filmmaker himself, his knowledge extends to cinematography, lighting, sound and post-production skills. Garnet’s passion for storytelling is evident in the enthusiasm with which he leads the class, encouraging students to explore their creativity while taking their skills to new heights.



Sandra Almond – Instructor for Film Production

Sandra began her visual effects journey working for George Lucas’ Industrial Light and Magic in 1990. Since then she has worked as a Visual Effects Producer, helping pioneer Vancouver’s now flourishing VFX industry. She has worked on many notable films including “I Robot”. “The Santa Clause 2”, “Miracle” and many more. Sandra’s invaluable producing and coordinating skills make her an integral part of the Film Production Academy as she continues to instruct and mentor our students.


Jason Mills – Instructor for Film Production

Jason Mills is an avid independent filmmaker from Vancouver, B.C. He grew up in Southampton, England and at the age of 12, made his transition to Vancouver. Jason was always interested in filmmaking from an early age. He produced homemade short films with his friends for fun, and eventually realized he had a strong passion for the arts. It was during his high school English class where he produced a movie instead of a written assignment, that he immersed himself in the world of film. At the young age of 23, Jason made his first feature film, “They Came from the Attic” also known as, “Above Us Lives Evil” which eventually sold to Lions Gate UK and was picked up by a distribution company in the US and Canada. Jason pursued his love for filmmaking, eventually filming his second feature film, a lost footage horror film, “The Changing of Ben Moore”. At only 31 years old, Jason is currently working on his third film “3 Hours Till Dead”. Jason is a writer, producer, director and set decker on his own films and with the help of a great team he continues to pursue his love for film.

Jim Hebb – Instructor for VFX

Jim Hebb is one of the founders of The Embassy VFX in Vancouver Canada. The Embassy has been responsible for many world class visual effects including stunning work on Iron Man, District 9 (Academy Award nominated), Cowboys and Aliens, Battle L.A., Battleship and numerous other films and high-end commercials. Mr. Hebb began as a digital artist in the early days and is one of the pioneers of modern digital visual effects work. He adds decades of experience and expertise to our academy, helping ensure the VFX academy stays up to date with current industry needs, methods and technologies.

Braeden Saucy – Teacher Coordinator

After being a teaching assistant at the Delta Film Academy for 3 years, Braeden has returned as our Teacher Coordinator for the morning blocks of the academy. With a BA  from Kwanten Polytechnic University and an acting diploma from Capilano University, Braeden is excited to begin his teaching career at the DFA. Entering the industry as an actor Braeden comes armed with a strong knowledge of the film industry, and can’t wait to work alongside student to fuel their passion for the creative arts.


Richard Ian Cox – Instructor for Film Acting

By the age of 16 Richard had already landed a lead role in the television show “The Adventures of the Black Stallion.” After more than 20 years in the film acting industry he has appeared on screen in a multitude of television shows and feature films while gaining quite the reputation as a voice actor. Having recently written and directed his first feature film, “Last Night In Suburbia”, Richard’s experience seemingly knows no bounds. We’re happy to have such an excellent and knowledgable mentor for our acting students.


Cameron Bancroft – Instructor for Film Acting

Cameron Bancroft is our newest edition to the team. Born in Winnipeg, B.C., Cameron has been an actor on the scene in both L.A. and Vancouver. He is best known for his work on General Hospital, The Beachcombers but recently can be seen in several episodes of Cedar Cove, Once Upon a Time and staring in many T.V. movies shot locally. Cameron’s passion for teaching is evident in his instruction and we are thrilled to welcome his to the team.




tracy Neff photo
Tracy Neff – Voice Instructor for Film Acting

Tracy Neff is a musical theatre graduate of the Boston Conservatory of Music. With an impressive and extensive resume in theatrical performance, a teaching degree, and years of experience training vocalists, she is the perfect person to be teaching voice to our Film Acting Academy students.






Laura Bloomsberg – Movement Instructor for Film Acting

Laura’s holistic approach attends to the spirit and energy of the body as well as the science of movement. Through her experience as a kinesiologist, retired professional athlete, yoga teacher, doula and breath facilitator she holds a motherly loving presence with gentle and knowledgeable guidance to intuitively assess what the body needs. Laura has experience training and rehabilitating athletes, guiding yoga for youth, and has initiated specialized nutritional programs for women’s health. She has facilitated breath ceremonies and dance journeys in spiritual communities in Israel, California and Hawaii. In a group setting or private session, Laura empowers you to reach beyond self-limitations to activate the vast intelligence of our bodies self-healing.

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