Delta Film Topper


Jennifer McKee – Teacher Coordinator of the Delta Film Academy

Jennifer earned her teaching degree in 2013 and has come equipped with the enthusiasm, patience, and savvy required to lead our eclectic group of instructors and students at the Delta Film Academy. No stranger to performance herself (with a BFA in Theatre from SFU) Jennifer understands the needs and demands of a creative industry. We couldn’t be happier to have Jennifer guiding the way and creatively implementing space for the Academy to flourish and grow.


Garnet Campbell has over 20 years of practical experience in media production and has over 15 film producer credits. This makes him well-equipped to impart practical and pertinent film production skills to his students. As an independent filmmaker, he is knowledgeable in various areas such as cinematography, lighting, sound, and post-production techniques. Garnet’s love for storytelling is unmistakable in the fervor with which he conducts his classes, inspiring students to unleash their creativity while elevating their abilities to unprecedented levels.

Jamie Munro – Film Production Academy Instructor

Jamie Munro is a filmmaker with 10 years of experience running her own video production company, Whisper Media. After building the business from scratch and working with companies like Lush Cosmetics, Saje Wellness and the City of Vancouver, Jamie understands what it takes to create successful online video campaigns for big brands. Jamie graduated from McGill University with a degree in film studies and theatre, and teaching has always been a passion of hers working as a riding instructor and piano teacher during high school. She loves seeing the students light up when they pick up a camera for the first time, and hopes to guide this passion for each student into solid skills they can take with them into the future. 

Jason Mills – Film Production Instructor

Jason Mills is an avid independent filmmaker, a writer and director with 14 feature films under his belt and a YouTube channel with over 80,000 subscribers. Jason grew up in Southampton, England and at the age of 12, made his transition to Vancouver. Jason was always interested in filmmaking from an early age, when he turned 23, Jason made his first feature film, “They Came from the Attic” also known as, “Above Us Lives Evil” which eventually sold to Lions Gate UK and was picked up by a distribution company in the US and Canada. His latest films such as “Elvish the Pig” (2022) have featured student actors from our own Film Acting Academy.


Jennifer Rose Garcia – Film Acting Instructor

Jennifer Rose Garcia is an actress known for her commitment, energy and unapologetic enthusiasm for the arts. Born and raised in the prairies of Winnipeg, Manitoba she was inspired to act and perform first through her passion of singing. Throughout high school, she developed a liking for acting and continued to pursue a degree in Theatre and Performance at The University of Winnipeg, while also obtaining a Bachelor of Education. After breaking into the film industry in Winnipeg, she had found success in booking short films which have landed her opportunities to appear in local and national film festivals, and win awards in acting categories. Since relocating to Vancouver, Jennifer has appeared on many popular networks such as CW, Disney, Lifetime, MTV, E Entertainment, etc. She has worked and trained in the film and theatre communities in Winnipeg, Vancouver, New York, Bangkok and France. When Jennifer is not acting, she is coaching, teaching, writing and producing in the Lower Mainland of Vancouver BC.

Cameron Bancroft – Film Acting Instructor

Born in Winnipeg, B.C., Cameron has been an actor on the scene in both L.A. and Vancouver. He is best known for his work on General Hospital, The Beachcombers but recently can be seen in several episodes of Cedar Cove, Once Upon a Time and staring in many T.V. movies shot locally. Cameron’s passion for teaching is evident in his instruction and we are thrilled to welcome his to the team.


Matthew Macdonald-Bain – VFX Instructor

Matthew MacDonald-Bain is a Vancouver-based actor, sound designer and visual artist. He is a graduate of Studio 58 Theatre Program at Langara College and has worked in film and theatre for over a decade with companies like Arts Club and Bard on the Beach. With his multi-disciplinary skills and enthusiasm for animation and visual FX, Matthew is thrilled to be bringing students into this fantastic, opportunity-filled industry.

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