Film Acting Program Information

Delta Film Topper“The Studio”
Delta Manor Education Centre
4750 57th Street
Delta BC   V4K 3C9
Phone: 604 952-5374


Delta Film Acting Academy Goals

  • Improve the skill level of every actor through scene study, on-camera work and coaching
  • Maximize actors understanding of the industry locally and internationally
  • Nurture healthy attitudes and behaviours consistent with artistic success
  • Enhance vocal & physical development through continuous movement, yoga & voice classes
  • Provide the actor with personal performance evaluations
  • Increase the awareness of the benefits of career management for success in the industry
  • Make students industry ready as young professional actors

Facts about the Program

  • Designed for male and female students in Grades 8 -12
  • Students participate in two blocks of Film Acting every other afternoon
  • Designed to accommodate students from all Delta secondary schools on a part-time basis
  • Offered in partnership with Tarlington Training
  • Industry related field trips and guest speakers
  • Students receive 8 credits per year
  • Bus transportation to Delta Manor Education Centre from both Delta Secondary and South Delta Secondary at lunch each academy day and back to both schools at the end of the day. There will be an additional $25/month charge for this.
  • Bus transportation to Delta Manor Education Centre from Burnsview, Sands and Seaquam Secondary at lunch each academy day and back to all schools at the end of the day. There will be an additional $50/month charge for this.
  • Please note:  Transportation to/from  Delta Manor Education Centre is not available from Delview or North Delta Secondary.

Curriculum – Film Acting Areas of Study:

On-Camera Acting

  • Break down sides and scripts
  • Make effective choices within scene work
  • Create layered and truthful characters
  • Present layered and truthful scenes


  • Improve vocal technique (quality, range, connection with breath in both speaking and singing voice)
  • Familiarize actor with his/her breath and body in order to produce natural sustainable and supported sounds
  • Create an environment that fosters thoughtful reflection, increased awareness and creative exploration of sound
  • Equip actors with a tool-kit of warm-ups and activities in order to maximize emotional, vocal and breath connection
  • Provide on-going support for work in other classes (i.e. acting and movement)
  • Learn how to speak with different accents (i.e. most importantly an American accent)


  • Develop body awareness through heightened awareness of movement
  • Discover character development through the body

The Business

  • Introduce students to the film and TV industry at large
  • Provide students the opportunity to make connections in the film industry
  • Encourage students to see beyond the “glamour” and “fame” aspects of film and TV acting



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