Spring 2015 Newsletter

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Spring 2015 Newsletter

Hello Parents/Guardians:

Wow! What a season so far for the Film Academy! We have had many opportunities and welcomed aboard several big names into the academy to share their expertise. The acting students have been lucky to work with Alex Zahara, Cameron Bancroft, Jane Hancock and Michael Soltis as guest instructors in the last several months. The students have risen to the occasion to be challenged in their craft by these instructors and had lots of laughs in the process! In the Film Production Academy we have welcomed Nicholas Boughen from CG Masters School of 3D Animation and VFX and Simon Juri to the school to bring new light to our students camera skills and editing skills. We were also thrilled to roll out the DFA’s first Public Service Announcement (PSA) piece “Game On” educating our district about Delta’s new recycling program! Check this piece out at!

At the moment we are in the thick of marketing both the Film Acting and Production Academies, with course registration upon us. We have just hosted a very successful and fun “Day at the Academy” where we invited Grade 7 students to join us in class for a day. Furthermore, we have two weekend Open Houses, one in the North Delta (March 7th at Burnsview 10AM-1PM) and one in Ladner (Feb. 28th at Delta Manor 10AM-1PM), to provide information to parents and students about the Film Academy. We invite you, in your journeys around Delta, to share the Film Academy program information and suggest people check out the open houses and our website for more information! Thank you to all the students, parents, administrators and instructors who help out at these community events and take the time to share their personal experiences with the program! We also hope that you stay tuned to the roll out of our new promotional video featuring testimonials from students and instructors and snap shots of our work.

In light of this, I wanted to take a minute to answer some frequently asked questions that we have been getting about the program. These questions mostly have to do with students who are currently attending their first year of the program and are wondering what the program consists of next year. Will it be the same? What will students learn in second year and beyond?

The Delta Film Academy is open to students from Grade 8 through Grade 12.  A student could potentially be enrolled in the Film Academy throughout all five years of high school as long as they are interested in growing in their craft as a film production or acting student. As it is with most explorations in the arts, a continuation within the program means that students are constantly expanding and layering on skills that they have previously learned and taking further risks within that to develop their craft. In production, for example, if a student in first year learned all about the basic skills for lighting a scene on camera, in second year and beyond they will be given more opportunities to do inquiry and project based learning to play with lighting and troubleshoot situations as you would do on set in a “real-life” work situation. In the acting stream, the students that come back beyond year two are given more challenging scripts to work with and often have more opportunities to work with the production students to create engaging film performances.

In summary, the program accommodates students of different levels so that each student has the opportunity to grow and learn, from each other and from the instructors, so that they are all equipped to go out into industry and share their imagination and story through film!

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